If you are looking for a versatile production sound mixer for film, TV show, commercial, or video then I am ready to bring the expertise and technology to deliver the very best in production audio. I am a 2023 EMMY nominated production sound mixer and I have worked on all types of productions that have been shot all around the world. I have been commissioned for projects from major television networks, to small independent productions and corporations of all sizes. I own and operate my own equipment that consists of state of the art products from proven manufacturers that have been tried and tested in the field.

Producers repeatedly hire me because of the quality of my work and the fact that I am easy going in nature. I am based out of Los Angeles in California, USA, but am happy to travel anywhere in the world. My equipment is ready to travel, my passport is current and I am up to date with all my travel immunizations. I have often worked in developing and third world countries as I have the ability to think creatively to solve problems. I can just as easily work off a sound cart with a boom operator or run and gun style from a body harness. When the need arises I am happy to assist camera and help with lighting.

Whether you are shooting in a Burbank Studio, New York streets, the deserts of Africa or the jungles of SE Asia I am ready to deliver quality audio for your production.

Experience Includes:

• Feature Film

• Documentary

• Drama

• Commercials and infomercials

• Reality

• Short Films

• ENG work

• Corporate and industrials

• PSAs

• Webisodes and multimedia content


• Sizzle Reels

License # WQWH361

(FCC License ensures that my owned wireless transmitters are legally able to be used on productions in the United States of America under section 74 of the Federal Communications Commission)