I own and operate my own equipment all of which I have purchased and maintained from new. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and with that in mind all of my equipment is top of the line, tried and tested in the field under an array of varying conditions from hot dry dusty deserts, humid rain forests and ice cold mountain tops. I also have great relationships with various rental houses should something additional be needed. I am always updating and adding to my inventory.

Within driving distance of Los Angeles all my equipment fits into my Subaru Outback all wheel drive which can access most locations wether it be a leafy suburb in Orange County, a dust track in the Mojave desert, or a mountain trail in Mammoth. For shoots further afield I am able to compact everything ready to go anywhere in the world. I am very familiar with the process of getting my gear through airports.

If you are flying into LA from out of town for a simple documentary type shoot, then I can save you having to carry lights with you or from making a mad dash to a rental house when you land. If you’re hiring me for sound anyway, why not save yourself additional stress. I can supply LED lights, Canon L series lenses,  a slider or anything you see listed here.


  • Sound Devices Scorpio 32 Track Digital Recorder
  • Sound Devices 788T 12 track (8 input) digital recorder with CL8  mix controller
  • Sound Devices 633 digital mixer/recorder
  • Sound Devices 744T 4 Track recorder. 
  • Sound Devices Mix Pre 3
  • 2x Sanken CS-3E Shotgun mic 
  • Sennheiser 416 Shotgun mic. 
  • 2x Sennheiser MKH50 super cardioid mic.
  • Sennheiser 8070 Super Shotgun mic.
  • Rycote windshields for CS3e, MKH50, 416 and 8070.
  • Remote Audio Rainman mic shield
  • 6 Lectrosonics  411 digital hybrid wireless receivers 
  • Lectrosonics SRB Dual receiver
  • 2 Lectrosonics SRC Dual Wideband receiver.
  • 3 Lectrosonics MM400c water resistant wireless transmitters
  • 1 Lectrosonics SMV transmitter 
  • 3 Lectrosonics SMQV transmitter
  • 4 Lectrosonics WMDB transmitter
  • 1 Lectrosonics WM waterproof transmitter 
  • Lectrosonics HM plug on transmitter 
  • Lectrosonics HMa Plug on transmitter 
  • Lectrosonics wireless boom system 
  • PSC RF SMa 8 channel wireless distribution system with shark fin antenna (x2)
  • 12 Sanken cos11 lav mics (8x Black, 3x Beige, 1x White)
  • 5 Countryman B6 lav mics (3x Black, 1x Beige, 1x White)
  • 2 Sennheiser MD46 handheld mics
  • 1 Sony ECM 77 lav mic (hardwired XLR)
  • Zaxcom TRX900 Stereo wireless camera hop system,  Can be battery operated or powered from certain camera power taps.
  • 4 Sennheiser G2 wireless systems (Camera hops).
  • 2x Sennheiser IEM IFB receiver
  • 2x Ambient Timecode sync slates.
  • Ambient ACL 204 TC sync box
  • 2 Ambient Nano Sync boxes
  • Comtek Mini Base Station IFB transmitter.
  • 8 Comtek IFB receivers.
  • 16’ K-Tek boom pole internal coil
  • 12’ PSC boom pole internal coil.
  • 9’ K-Tek boom pole internal coil.
  • 150’ PSC duplex boom cable.
  • 25’ PSC hardwire camera breakaway with 75’ extender cable
  • 2 Sennheiser HD280 headsets.
  • Boom boy, stand and weight bag.
  • Smart phone / Tablet 2 way audio tap.
  • Innovative Scout 37 Cart
  • Rock ‘n’ roller compact expandable cart.
  • Orca mix bag
  • Ktek Stingray Mix bag
  • Portabrace Audio organizer
  • Portabrace Utility belt pack
  • Petrol audio harness
  • Zoom H4n handy recorder
  • Aviation Helicopter comms audio tap
  • POC Audio Enabled Ski helmet
  • Ikan VX7i  7” Monitor (HDMI, Component and composite with Sony Battery plate
  • Ikan VFX 7” 4K Monitor
  • Small HD 5” Monitor
  • Various XLR cables, connectors etc. (including audio and timecode adapters for Arri  Alexa, RedOne, Dragon, Scarlet and Epic , Black Magic 4k)
  • Macbook pro with card readers to manage audio and video files for post production 


I use IDX rechargeable power for all equipment in the bag or on the cart, and Powerex rechargeable AA and Ipower US rechargeable 9v  for transmitters/ slate etc to save on waste and to help keep your expendable budget down. 


  • Canon 7D 
  • 24-70mm f2.8L II USM
  • 16-35mm f2.8L II USM
  • 70-200mm f2.8L is II USM    
  • Tiffen Variable ND filters 82mm, 77mm  
  • B&W Kaismann Polarizer 82mm (with 77m step ring)   
  • Sachtler FSB4 fluid head and tripod, 
  • Zacuto Marauder handheld stabilizer rig
  • Motion9 Linecam 46 Slider
  • Zacuto Z FInder pro 3x
  • Opteka Rodless Follow Focus
  • Mefoto Minipod
  • GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition.
  • Multiple mounts for GoPro (Bike, surf, car), Dive housing.
  • IKAN 4 Bi-Color LED panel light kit. (Sony L mount or AC powered)
  • SmallHD 502 5” Monitor 
  • Mini camera mountable LED interview light.
  • 2x Westcott 5 ‘n’1, 40” Reflectors
  • 4x C Stands with gobo arms (Black)
  • Matthews small suction cup car mount system